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2nd Hour: Room E-1 (Groves)
5th Hour: Room B108 (Seaholm)

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Parent-Teacher Conferences (A message for Seaholm students and parents)
As you know parent-teacher conferences are this Thursday, May 2, from 4-7 PM. This trimester I am teaching at both Groves and Seaholm High Schools. Unfortunately conferences are the same night for both schools. Because I am at Groves for the majority of the day and most of my students are there, I will be attending conferences at Groves and will not be available at Seaholm Thursday night. If you wish to see me you are welcome to come to the Groves gymnasium. I know this is not the most convenient arrangement and I appreciate your understanding. If you are unable to attend conferences at Groves but would like to discuss your child’s progress please do not hesitate to email me at ph07bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us.

‍Where to get extra help

I am always available during Tuesday X-block. I can also meet with you during A lunch if you make an appointment with me. I am usually at school around 7 AM so you can also stop by in the morning.

I am available after school to provide extra help almost every day.

‍Daily Classwork:

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Week of






April 8
- Graded work passed
- Do problems #2-6 on Metric
Conversions homework WS
(passed back today) and go
over as a class.
- Introduce Mass and Volume of
Water Lab.
- Get into groups of 3 and w
develop lab procedure (if finished and
approved by Mr. Hoover start data
- Developed a class lab procedure (5th hr)
- Finish collecting lab data
- Answer question #1 then
graph your data (use the graphing
notes sheet you have from earlier)
- Finish all questions following the
- Class discussion of results and
comparison of y-intercepts f rom
different groups. Found a consensus
on the meaning of the y-intercept in
this experiment
- Discussed finding the slope of best
fit line and showed example using
one group's data
HW: Finish your graph (include
best fit line) and answer all questions
Make sure you show how you calculated
slope by drawing on the graph like we
did at the end of class.
Class Discussion of yesterday's lab
and analysis of the results (notes were
taken by annotating our graphs in class):
a.) Finding the y-intercept and slope
were reviewed
b.) the physical meaning of slope and
y-intercept were discussed.
c.)We used our graphs to develop an equation
for the density of water
d.) We discussed how the graph might changed if we used oliveil and syrup insead of water
e.) We discussed how the graphs might change if
we used a different graduated cylinder.
Remember, this lab can be seen as a guide for how
we will do labs and analyze our data in the future. Part of your lab grade will be based on whether or not you included all of
today's notes.
- Class time to work on homework
- Volume and mass of water lab collected
- Unit 1.2 WS2: Graphing Application
- Unit 1.2 WS3: Graphing and Algebraic Equations
*Turn in Volume and Mass of Water Lab*
[2nd hour]
- Go over yesterday's HW
- Circumference vs. Diameter Lab
[5th hour]
- Circumference vs. Diameter Lab
[2nd hour]
-Circumference vs. Diameter Lab
- Discuss results of lab
- Turn in Wednesday's HW if not done already
[5th hour]
- Discuss results of C vs. D lab
- Turn in lab
- Assign More Metrics conversion problems HW
- Anyone who needs to make up first quiz can do so
April 15
Today is a review day for tomorrow's test:
- Assign More Metrics problems [2nd hr] and graphing review assignment ]both hours]
- More Metrics questions checked by Mr. Hoover. Make corrections & get help as needed
HW: Finish review assignments
*Measurements and Graphing Test*
-Turn in yesterday's HW
- Make observations of Buggy Car's motion
- Develop Research Question and discuss Buggy Car Lab as a class
- Design a lab procedure with your lab group
- Collect Data. Try to get at least two good data sets.
- Continue Buggy Car Lab data collection
-Begin Graphing data
*Mr. Hoover out today
- Finish graphing data from yesterday if not finished
- Follow the instructions in the packet titled Data Analysis for Part I to analyze the data from your lab
- When finished, work on homework assignment Precision of Measurement WS
Precision of Measurement WS
April 22
- Whiteboard results of Buggy Car Lab (graphs with slope and y-intercept)
- Circle discussion of results (meaning of slope, y-intercept)
- Constant Velocity WS 1
- Discuss problems and sources of error in Buggy Car Lab
- Do Buggy Car Lab Ticker Tape Version
- Analyze Buggy Car Lab Ticker Tape version
- Develop equation d=vt from lab results
HW: Constant Velocity WS 2
- Collect Buggy Car Ticker Tape
- Begin whiteboarding HW problems
- Circle discussion of results
- Whiteboarding and Circle discussion of Constant Velocity WS 2 problems #6, #7a
April 29
- Return and discuss Measurements and Graphing Test
- Discuss/review #7a on Constant Velocity WS 2 from Friday
- Discuss motion maps, rank motion maps from highest to lowest velocity (in class, on the board)
- Do #7b from Const. Vel. WS 2 in class. Go over.
- Average velocity notes
[5th hour] - Do Constant Speed Motion Problems WS in class
[2nd hr]
Constant Speed Motion Problems WS
[5th hour]
Unit 1 -- Constant Velocity WS 3
- Average speed ranking task (done individuallly)
- Shared answers for the ranking task and discusseed the solution
- Went over yesterday's HW
[5th hour]
- work on qeustion #2 from HW in groups
- Go over #2 as a class
[2nd hour]
- Constant Speed Motion Problems HW WS
- Further Kinematics Analysis WS
[5th hour]
- Further Kinematics Analysis handout
Walk this Way lab
  • Constant Velocity Quiz*
- Flip Book Activity
- Scavenger Hunt Activity
- Buggy Car Crash Challenge
Review Day
*Constant Speed Motion Test*