Welcome to Mr. Hoover's Chemistry B!

Course Information:

1st Hour: Room E-1 (Groves)
5th Hour: Room B108 (Seaholm)
Class Syllabus

Reminder: Last day for Stochiometry Test Extra Points Quiz Friday 2/29. Test corrections must be completed and checked by Mr. Hoover prior to taking the quiz.

Daily Classwork:

Week of
- Introductions
- Go over syllabus
- Seating Chart
- Student Survey
- Work on Chemistry A review
HW: Chemistry A Review
Due: Chemistry A Review
- Discuss Chem A review
- Assign Naming/Formula Writing Review Odds only, (in class) and collect
- Hand out Measurements and Math in Chemistry packet handed out
- Significant figure notes (top of packet p. 3, p. 1 #1-14)
- Begin scientific notation
HW: Note packet p. 3
- Return and correct/go over Naming/Formula Writing Review (odds), review naming and formula writing of ionic/molecular compounds
- Go over HW, p. 3
- Review Scientific Notation
- Start problems on the top of p. 6 (in class)
HW: Naming/Formula Writing Review (Evens), only if you got less than 11 pts on the Odds.
- Naming/Formula Writing Review (Evens)
- Signed Syllabus**
- Review Scientific Notation, top of p. 6 in notes packet - Operations with Significant Numbers Notes
  • Multiplication/Division
  • Addition/Subtraction (didn't get to in 5th hour)
- (5th hour) Go to media center to get textbooks
HW: Notes packet p. 4-5 (5th hour don't do addition/subtraction problems)
*Chemical Naming/Formula
Writing Quiz*
- Check in HW, p. 4-5
- Do p. 7, 1 in class when finished with the quiz
- Go over p. 7 and 1 (all lab measurements must be recorded with the correct number of sig. figs.). You will need to be able to do it for tomorrow's Measuring Activity
- Review operations with sig. figs.
- Begin going over HW p. 4-5 by Whiteboard presentations
HW: Packet p. 12
Due: packet p. 12
- Finishing going over pg 4,5
- Measuring Activity
HW: p.1 if not finished already
- Finish going over packet p. 4-5, and p. 1 (parts II and III)
- Discuss Measuring Activity
- Hand out Safety Contract (5th Hour) Due Monday
- Hand out reference sheet Significant Figures/Significant Digits Rules
HW: Study for tomorrow's Test
*Significant Numbers and Calculations Test*
- Hand out Ch. 10 packet
- Introduction to mole concept and begin mole notes (p.: converting representative particles to moles
HW: Do Ch. 10 packet p.7, p. 9 (#2 only)
*1st Hour Substitute Teacher Today*
- Homework p. 7 checked-in by sub
- Once page 7 is complete, check your work using the solutions handed out (students may work together)
- Do the following from the textbook:
  • Read section 10.1 p. 320-324
  • Practice problems 1-4 and 5-6 in section 10.1
  • p. 358 problems 90-94
- Turn in what you have finished
*5th hour*
- Continued mole notes in packet and did sample problems.
HW: No homework
Due: Safety Contract (5th hour)
- Returned Chemistry Formula Review Quiz and Measurements in Chemistry Test
- Reviewed moles
- Continued mole notes. Went over examples E2 - E5 on page 3.
HW: Textbook p. 358 #90-94, parts A and B only
- Handout safety contract (1st hour), due Friday
- Go over HW problems
- Molar mass notes and example problems (notes packet p. 3-4)
- Lab Safety Contracts (due Thurs)
- packet p. 9, #4-5; p. 8, 12-14
- Test will be next Tuesday (12/19)
- Determining the Mass of Extremely Small Objects Activity
- Discussion of HW and example and some example problems
HW: class notes p. 9 #4-5; p. 8, #12-14
Due: Safety Contracts (1st hour)
- Clarify Instructionless Mole Lab
- Introduce "mole hole"
- Finish yesterday's activity if not finished
- Assigned p. 10, #5-15 (skip 8,10,11; do 5 last only if you did well on the others)
HW: Finish problems not finished in class
- check-in homework
- Example problems in notes: p 5, E10 & E11
- Work on mole conversion problems in class: Textbook p. 360, #136, 138 (parts A & B only), 139-143
- 2 Question "Quiz" (counted as a homework grade)
- Finish any of the above quetions that you didn't get done in class.
- Complete the Pre-Lab for the Instructionless Mole Lab
Due: Pre-lab for Instructionless Mole Lab
- Give feedback on Pre-labs (must be corrected for tomorrow)
- Whiteboard gallery of practice mole problems
HW: Make corrections to Pre-Lab procedure
- Introduce volume-mole relationship for gases and add it to the mole hole
- Mole and volume conversion problems done in class
- Check in Pre-labs
- Instructionless Mole Lab
HW: Finish lab calculations and answer questions
- Discuss Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning (CER)
- Assign CER for yesterday's lab (work on after the test). You must use your lab data and calculations to make a Claim and support it with Evidence and Reasoning.
-*Mole Conversion Test*
HW: Finish CER for lab if not finished
Due: Instructionless Mole Lab and Questions (with CER)
- Handout Chapter 10 Part 2 notes packet
- Discuss % composition
- Do example from book p. 362 #194
- Do Examples E12-E13
- Discuss difference between Empirical/Molecular Formulas
- Empirical Formula notes (packet p. 3)
- On last page of packet: % composition problems (ODDS), Empirical Formula Probs. #1-2
- Textbook page 362, #194 (but don't find the molecular formula)
- Check in Homework
- Discuss/Go over HW problems
- Introduce Molecular formulas and complete packet Molecular Formula notes on p. 4-5)
- Example problem E17 on p. 5
- Assign and begin working on Percent Composition and Molecular Formula Worksheet (See HW assignment below)
- Percent Composition and Molecular Formula Worksheet (do the circled problems, #11 and 14 are extra credit)
- Bell Work: compare your homework answers with the correct ones (on the board)
- Review % composition, Empirical Formulas, and Molecular Formulas
- Empirical and Molecular Formula Stations Activity
- Pass back Mole Conversions Test and discuss
HW: Correct homework from the break, finish Empirical and Molecular Formula Stations Activity
- go over homework (whiteboard gallery)
- collect homework
- Assign Stoichiometry Preview Assignment, give some time to work, then discuss
HW: Complete preview assignment up to #5
- Go over stoichiometry preview assignment
- Pass out Ch. 11 notes packet
- Begin stoichiometry notes (packet pg. 1-4)
- pass out copy of mole hole diagram
HW: packet p. 7 Part 1 and Part 2 #6-7
- Go over yesterday's Homework
- Continue stoichiometry notes Gram-Gram conversions (packet p. 5) using mole hole
HW: Finish p. 17
- Check in homework
- Go over yesterday's Homework problems
- continue Stoichiometry notes:
- packet p. 6 Example E4
- Begin work on problems from the packet (p. 18 #1 a,c, d; #3 a, b)
HW: p. 18 #1 a,c,d; #3 a,b)
- Announce opportunity to improve score on Mole Test: you must correct your original test. After you have successfully done this you may take a short quiz to gain up to 4 additional points. You must do this before next Tuesday.
- Bell work probems and HW check-in
- Continue class notes from packet p. 7
HW: Do the rest of the example problems up to p. 10 in your notes packet
- Handout Stoichiometry Lab and Assign Pre-Lab (due Tuesday, but come with questions on Monday)
- Stoichiometry example on the board
- Stoichiometry whiteboard activity
- packet p. 20 #1-5
- Pre-lab (due Tuesday)
- Answer questions about pre-lab and discussed the correct balanced equation
- Go over homework
- Introduce Limiting and Excess Reactants (notes packet p. 11)
- Finish pre-lab
- Turn in signed Lab Safety Contract (you will not be able to do the lab on Wednesday if I don't have it!!)
- Study for Stoichiometry/Emprical and Molecular Formula Test on Friday
Due: Pre-lab
- Finish limiting reactant notes p. 11
- % yield notes p. 12
- Assigned limiting reactant practice problems.
- Checked pre-labs (must have 7 or more right to do the lab tomorrow)
- make corrections to pre-lab
- Finish Limiting Reactant problems
- Verify safety contracts
- Check Pre-Labs
- Stoichiometry Lab
HW: Complete lab calculations (Due Friday, come to class tomorrow with any questions)
- Discuss Lab:
You will need to turn in
1. Lab calculations
2. Pre-lab and procedure
- Go over HW from Tuesday (Limiting Reactant problems)
- Discuss post-lab calculations and questions
- Collect Stoichiometry Lab
- Late Homework can be turned in until next Friday
- S'More lab skippe to further discuss Stoichiometry lab
- Passed out practice test
*No School - MLK Day*
- Limiting Reactant practice problems
- Chapter 11 Review
- Chapter 11 Practice Test
- Percent Yield Practice problems
- Go over yesterday's practice problems
Conferences Tonight
- Assign States of Matter Summary WS #1-3
- Solids, Liquids, & Gases PHET simulation
*Stoichiometry Test*
- Finish Stoichiometry Test - Finish S-L-G PHET Simulation Activity
HW: Finish sim activity if not - finished in class.
- Do #4 on States of Matter Summar Sheet
- Discuss Simulation activity and answer questions
- Pass out Chapter 12 notes packet
- Notes pages 2-4 (Kinetic Molecular Theory and pressure of gases)
- Handout foldable instructions and begin making foldable
- Begin completing foldable (finish through the step beginning with "Inside flaps 1,2 and 3...")
- Do pressure conversions on notes packet p. 4 (#6 E1 and E2)
- Continue class notes
- Assign groups for the foldables and assigne molecules for each group. Work on foldables in groups. (1st hour only)
- p 17 in the notes packet
- 5th hour finish drawing diagram of H-bonding on noes packet p. 6
- Check in HW and go over p. 17
- Discuss and clarify foldable instructions
- Assign groups for foldables and assign molecules to each group (5th hour only)
- Work on foldables in class
- notes packet pg. 15-16 (may need to use the book)
- Finish foldable (due next Wednesday)
- Discuss upcoming Test
- Assign p. 7,9 notes pages to do in class. Check in HW
- Go over HW p. 15-16
- Discuss class notes p. 7 and p. 10
HW: packet p. 18 and 19
- Demo: phases changes of water form liquid to solid
- Check in HW and go over.
- Continued class notes, finishing p. 6,7,9, and 10
HW: packet p. 13,20,21
*States of Matter Foldables Due* (may be turned in tomorow if you would like to use them to study)
- Introduce the Kelvin temperature scale
- Assign notes p. 8 and 14 in class, check in HW
- Go over HW and review for test
- Practice States of Matter Test
HW: Finish Practice States of Matter Test, Study
- Answers to Practice Test
*States of Matter Test*
- Collect practice tests and foldables if not turned in yesterday
- Begin Intro to Gases ChemQuest 35
HW: Finish first 2 pages of Intro to Gases ChemQuest
*Mr. Hoover out today*
- Finish ChemQuest 35 from Thursday
- Work on textbook gas law problems if finished with the ChemQuest
HW: No Homework
- Discuss Stoichiometry and Mole Test and opportunity to ear some extra points ck on the Stoichiometry test
- Pass out gas laws note packet
- Class notes Review the gas laws introduced in the ChemQuest (Gay-Lussac's Law, Charles' Law, Boyle's Law, and the Combined Gas Law)
- Do example problems E1, E5, and E7 in note packet using the combined gas law
- Do examples E2, E4,E6,E8
- Fill in the notes pages 3-5
Ideal Gas Law
- Go over Homework
- Practice Test
HW: Practice Test
- Solutions to Multi-page practice test
- Solutions to single page (double sided) Practice test
*Gas Laws Test*
Mid-winter Break*
Mid-winter Break*
Mid-winter Break*
Mid-winter Break*
Mid-winter Break*
- Review Gas Laws Test
- Handout Solutions, pH, and Acids/Bases notes packet
- Start Solutions Notes and Molarity
- Example Molarity problems from p. 4-5 in notes packet
- Assign homewor (answers to #1-5 posted on the board so you can check your work)
- Read notes packet p. 1 - 4
- Do problems 1 - 7
- Check in HW
- Go over HW as a class
- Introduction to solubility and using solubility graphs
- Finish molarity problems in the note packet through #10
- book p. 509, #91
- Go over Monday's HW
- Notes on saturaton, supersaturation, and solubility
- Supersaturation sol'n video clip
- Assign solubulity practice problems

- Solubility Practice Problems
- Sol'ns note packet p. 13, #1,8, 17
Last Day to Take Stoichiometry Test "Extra Points" Quiz
Seaholm: no class today due to boiler problem. The Stoich. "Extra Points" Quiz can be done on Monday
- Handout and discuss final exam review. Due Monday 3/11. It is a grade.
- Went over and collected solubility problems from yesterday
- Intro to Acids & bases, neutralization reactions

HW: Sol'ns packet p. 8-9 Finish problems up to #7
- Review Acids/Bases
- Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis Acids/bases
- Difference between strong acids/bases and weak acids/bases
- Ka, Kb, Kw
- quick log review
- pH and pOH

- Finish sol'ns packet p. 9
- Packet p. 14 parts A and B (8 problems total)