Welcome to Mr. Hoover's Chemistry B!

Course Information:

1st Hour: Room E-1
Class Syllabus (to be added shortly)


  1. Late work turned in Friday is graded. Retakes not yet.
  2. You will need to turn in your Chapter 12 States of Matter packet (today or the day of the final, whichever you prefer)
    1. States of Matter Summary Sheet
    2. Solid, Liquid, Gas PHET Lab (p. 11-12)
    3. Foldable
    4. Page 14

Daily Classwork:

- Complete Beans & Rice Lab and turn in-

Week of






April 8
- Pick up graded HW
- Pick up Molar Conversion notes packet w/ Sig.
and dimensional analysis reference sheet
- Do dimensional analysis problems in class
and go over:
Measurements and Math Packet p.2, #36 -38,
- Do p. 7 in Moles packet and go over (1st hour)
- Class notes on Moles and sample problems E-1
and E-3 in Moles packet p. 2
HW: Moles packet p. 8 #5-11; p 1 E1 - E5
(3rd Hour also do p. 7)
- Check HW answers with your table
mates. HW is checked in.
- Go over HW problems as a class
[1st hr]
- Molar Mass class notes (1st hour)
- Example E6 on p4 in packet
1st Hr HW: Finish p. 4 (attempt E8
& E9, though they will be challenging)
[2nd hr]
- Didn't get to molar mass today
2nd Hr HW: p 9 #1-3
[1st hour]
- Do p 9 3#1-3
- Yesterday's HW checke in
- Handout conversions reference
sheet and fill in what we know
so far
- Went over yesterday's HW
[3rd hour]
- Went over yesterday's homework
- Molar mass class notes
- Examples on p. 4 done in class
and corrected (up to E8)
[1st] Finish the rest of p. 4
[1st and 3rd]
p 5 E11
p 10 #1-3, 6,7,9,13,15,19
- Go over yesterday's HW via
whiteboard presentations (HW
- Begin Bean + Rice Lab
HW: p 8 #12-14; p 10 #5,8,10
The Test has been moved to Wednesday
- Finish Beans & Rice Lab and turn in
- Begin pre -lab for the
Instructionless Mole Lab
Pre-lab for Instructionless Mole Lab
(Due Monday)
The Pre-Lab will be checked in class Monday.
If it needs correcting you will be
given a chance to do that Monday night.
You will not be able to do the lab on Tuesday unless your Procedure from the pre-lab is approved by
Mr. Hoover.
April 15
- Check-in Pre-Labs
- Review Assignment
HW: Make corrections to Pre-Lab if needed
- Pick up post-lab questions
- Pick up answers to yesterday's review
- Final procedures initialed by Mr. Hoover (must be done before starting the lab)
- Circle the steps of your procedure that you must do in the lab
- Instructionless Mole Lab
a.) Data collection
b.) Calculations
c.) Post-lab questions
- Study for test tomorrow
- Complete Instructionless Mole Lab (due Thursday)
- Moles Test
- Turn in Moles HW packet and Monday's HW (staple to the packet)
- Work on finishing lab
- Pick up Empirical/Molecular Formula packet if you'll be gone Thurs-Fri
HW: Lab due tomorrow
Must include:
1. Original draft procedure (one per person)
2. Final approved procedure (one per group)
3. Original lab instructions with calculations (one per person)
4. Post-Lab Questions
- Pass out Ch. 10 Part 2 notes packet
- % composition notes, including p 2., examples E12, E-13
- Empirical Formula Notes, p. 3, Example E-14
- p. 6: % Comp. #1, 3, 5; Empirical Formula #1-2
*Substitute Teacher today*
- Work on ChemQuest 31 (on % composition, empirical formulas, and molecular formulas)
HW: Skill Practice 31, Moles and Formulas Practice (on % composition, Emp. & Molecular Formulas)
April 22
- Bellwork: packet p. 5, E-17, yesterday's classwork & HW stamped
- Review of Empirical and Molecular formulas
- Go over E17 and solve for molecular formula
- Fill in notes on packet p. 4
- Go over some of the ChemQuest questions from Friday
- Return Mole Tests (see note at top of webpage for retake opportunity)
packet p. 6: % comp. #2,4; Molecular Formula #3-5
- Go over yesterday's homework
- Challenge problem to be solved in groups on the whiteboards (#11 from
% Composition and Empirical Formulas WS)
HW: % Composition and Empirical Formulas WS #13,14,15,17
% Composition of Cookies Lab
- Continue working on yesterday's challenge problem
- Discuss solution of challenge problem
-Class notes on hydrates (p. 5 in packet)
- Go over HW problems from Tuesday
- Assign Empirical and Molecular Formula Stations WS in class (review problmes for the test)
- If finished with the above, extra review problems from % Composition and Molecular Formulas WS: #1-3, 9-10, 16, 17
HW: Study
-Empirical and Molecular Formula Stations WS (only if not finished in class)
% Composition, Empirical and Molecular Formulas Test
HW: Stoichiometry Preview Assignment
April 29
- Today is the first day of the stoichiometry assignment
- Go over and discuss stoichiometry preview assignment assigned Friday
- Handout Stoichiometry notes packet
- comlete class notes p. 2 and top of p. 3 (discuss balanced chemical equations and which quantities are conserved)
- Introduce mole-to-mole ratios
HW: p. 17, #10-14
- Class notes (bottom of Stoichiometry packet p. 3) - Review mole-to-mole ratios concept
- Go over HW problems from yesterday
- Assigned sampl mole-to-mole stoichiometry problems (written on the board). They were done in groups then gone over as a class.
HW: packet p. 17, #1,3,5, 6-9
- Go over HW problems
HW: p. 18: #1a,c,e; #2
HW: p 18 #8-9
- Whiteboard presentations of yesterday's HW and examples E6-E12
HW: p. 20 #1-5
May 6
- Notes from examples not finished Fri
- Go over HW
- % Yield Notes p. 12
- Stoichiometry Lab Pre-lab
HW: Finish Stoichiometry Lab Pre-Lab
- Turn in Stoichiometry Pre-lab ( checked in during class)
- Limiting Reactant notes p. 10-11
- Review Safety Contracts/Lab Safety
HW: p. 383 #23-24, p. 19 #1
Stoichiometry Lab
HW: Finish Lab Calculations
- Bell work: L.R. Practice Problems V #1, Do and check #2 a,b,c in class
- Tues HW stamped
- Do and check #2 a,b,c in class
- Go over bellwork and Tues HW
HW: Practice Problems V #5-6
- Go over Tues HW problem
- Stoichiometry PHET Lab (virtual lab)
- Passed out test review
HW: Limiting Reactant Practice Sheet #4,7,10
May 13
*Retakes for % Composition, Empirical/Molecualr Formulas Test Due*
- Bell work, p. 20 #9-10
- go over bell work
- Go over Fri's HW
- Review % Error
- Post Lab Assignment
- Work on Test Review
Stoichiometry Test
- Bell work: States of Matter Summary Sheet #1-3
- ​Pass out States of Matter packet
- Solid, Liquid, Gas PHET Lab (p. 11-12)
- Use the sim to complete #2-3 with a partner. Do 4-6 on your own.
- Discuss lab questions #4-
- Class notes p. 2-3
- Assign unit conversions on p. 3
- Notes p. 4
May 20
- Notes packet p. 5-6
- Fill in Intermolecular Forces Summary Sheet
- Assign States of Matter Foldable and handout instruction sheet
- Bell work: Fill in missing information on notes packet p.9
- Graphs of temp. vs. energy for phase changes
- Do packet p. 14 in class and check
HW: p. 14
- Bell Work: Do #7 on summary sheet, p 13 in packet
- HW (p. 14) stamped
- Water phase change demo
- Notes p. 7
- Revisit diffusion/ effussion on p. 3
- Work on foldables
Mr. Hoover out today for Physics trip
- Work on practice test individually
- Collaborative make corrections to practice test
- Get answer sheet for Practice Test to check your answers
- If finished, do p 17, p. 19-20 in packet
States of Matter Test
Homework/notes packet collected
May 27
- Pass out Final Exam

June 3

Last day for Stoich Test Retake
Last day to turn in late HW

June 10

1st Hr Final Exam
3rd Hr Final Exam