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Course Information:

3rd Hour: Room B109
4th Hour: Room B108
Class Syllabus (click for a pdf of the syllabus)

Answers to Mon 11/18 Test Review Materials:

These are grouped in a slightly different order than they were given out in class but it is all here.
Review Part 1
Review Part 2
Review Part 3
This is answers to one of the HW assignments:
Completing and Balancing Equations WS

Final Exam Review:

There are two review packets for you to look at:

1. Final Exam List of Topics (this was handed out in class)

2. Additional Review packet (this includes many practice questions)


Test review below is from an old test. Here for reference if you want to take a look.

Here is the review for tomorrow's test, with some (but not all) answers:

I found a typo in the answers on the Review. It is fixed now with the changed info highlighted

Test Review with some answers

Daily Classwork:

Week of






Sept 3

No School
Labor Day
- Syllabus
- Lab Safety
- Lab Tour (3rd hr)

- Signed syllabus and lab
safety contract due Fri
- Study for tomorrow's Lab
Safety Quiz
- Finish lab safety notes
- Lab Tour (4th hr)
- What is chemistry? article
jigsaw activity
- handout periodic tables
- Lab Safety Quiz

HW: None
- Emergency Drill
- Measuring and
Calculations packet
pg 1-5 handed out
- Sig fig time demo
and Measuring Activity
from packet p. 1
- Significant Figures
- packet p. 3-4 done
and checked in class (skip penny activity)
- Begin Scientific notation
- Scientific Notation
- Sci. Notation problems on packet p. 5 done and checked in class
- Multiplying and dividing sig. figs. lecture
- practice problems (from the board)
- Density lab passed out and discussed. Pre-Lab due on Lab Day, Wed 9/11.

- Significant Figures WS
- Start Density Pre-Lab (ask questions about it on Monday)
Sept 9
- Intro to CER
- Lecture on safety of today's lab and procedures
- Changes Matter Lab

- Finish Changes Matter Lab
- Check in and go over Fri HW
- Turn in yesterday's lab
- Discuss lab -- what can we do better next time?
- Adding/Subtracting #'s using sig. figs.
- Start Density lecture

- Sig. Figs. WS titled "Quiz 1" (not actually a quiz)
- Go over HW
- Accuracy and precision lecture
- Density and sample problems
- Density demo

- Density problems WS (don't do the bookwork listed at the bottom of the page)
- Density CER questions
- Go over HW questions
- Finding volumes of objects using displacement method
- Discuss test
-Time to work in groups
on Density Lab Pre-Lab (due tomorrow)

- Finish Pre-lab for tomorrow
Pre-Lab for density lab due

- Test 1 (3rd hour)
- Accuracy and precision (4th hr)
- Blank periodic table WS
- Begin Ch 2: matter lecture

- Test 1
Sept 16
Bottlemania Day
- Test 1 (4th hr)
Density Lab
- Go over Tues HW
- Beanium Lab
- hand out notes sheet
- Collect Denisity Lab
- Assign Periodic table assignment (due Mon)
- Mass notes
- Conservation of Mass Lab
Sept 23
- Collect Periodic table assignment
- Review models of the atom
- Class notes p. 4 Bohr model of the atom
- class notes p. 5-7 Light

HW: Ch 2 WS #2 #31-37
- Finish periodic table notes
- Class notes p. 7-9 in note packet
- give topics to study for test
- Go over HW
- Electromagnetic spectrum
- Atomic Emission Spectra Activity

- Study
- Ch 2 WS #2 Questions 4-11
- Q and A of test topics
- Begin notes on Quantum Mechanical model of the atom
Test 2

Sept 30
Quantum Mechanical model of the atom
a.) review energy levels, subshells, orbitals
b.) Continue filling in electron configuration notes
c.) Notes on Aufbau Principle, Pauli Exclusion Principle, and Hund's Rule

- WS Ch. 3 #2 a-d
- Continue Quantum Mechanical model of the atom
- Finish electron configurations table

- Finish Lab
- Assign Ch 3 WS #2 f-h
- discuss oxidation states
- Begin Periodic Trends Graphing Activity

- Finish lab if not done already
- Complete graphing and "Claim" parts of graphing activity
Oct 7
- Labs from Thurs & Fri due
- Discuss graphing activity and lecture on periodic trends
, especially the reasoning from the graphing activity
- Make sure you understand the Reasoning for Atomic Radius, all others are similar
- Return tests

HW: Electron config practice sheet
- Go over HW
- Discuss oxidation states, noble gas electron configurations (also called kernel configurations)
- Finish Lecture on periodic trends

Ch 3. WS #2
- Go over HW
- Work on review questions for test:

p. 147 #77-78, 79 (every other letter), 80, 82, 84, 88, 83, 94

p. 149 #3-10
p. 174 # 33-34, 41-42, 52, 56, 62, 64, 65, 66, 69

HW: No HW, but it is strongly recommended that you finish the problems above as review
- Intro to Bonding lecture (Ionic and covalent)
- Ionic bonding and naming monatomic ions

HW: Finish Chemistry Ion Practice WS
- Graphing Activity Due
- Test: Electron Config. and PeriodicTrends

After test:
- Finish yesterday's WS
- Read pg. 215 - 220 and 221-224

HW: p 220 #12-16
Oct 14
- Go over HW
- Ionic naming notes continued: formulas to names and names to formulas
- polyatomic ions

HW: Compounds naming WS
- Go over HW
- continue notes

*30 minute classes due to testing*
- Lewis dot structures notes

- Lewis dot structures WS (4th hour just draw dot structures for the ions in each compound)
- Lewis dot structures for moleucules
- in class examples

- correct yesterday's HW
- 4th hr: Book p. 256 #35-38