Welcome to Mr. Hoover's Physics B!

‍Course Information:

3rd & 4th Hour: Room B108
Email: ph07bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us
Class Syllabus: to be uploaded soon.
X-block: Thursdays

Answers to practice problems:

**Solutions to Circuits WS 2 (click this link)**

**PHET Lab (if you need a copy)**

Answers to Circuits WS 1:

**Side 1**
**Side 2**

Tues 4/15 HW problems

Electrostatics Review Materials:

Answers to today's in class review problems.
It is also a good idea to review your notes and WS 17-1. Know the different ways that an object can become charged.

Remind 101 sign up:

Tri 3 instructions will be posted soon. If you would like to sign up and haven't in class please email me.