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2nd & 3rd Hour: Room B109
4th Hour: Room B108
Email: ph07bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us
Class Syllabus
X-block: Thursdays

Final Exam Review:

Final Exam Review
Solutions to Final Exam Review Problems -- These are the answers to the problems listed on the first page of your final exam review. Note that there will be some problems worked out here that are not listed on your review. Don't worry about them.

Forces Review Materials:

Solutions to Review Problems handed out in class

Projectile Review Materials:

Review Questions and problems from Friday's class (Powerpoint)
If you can't open the Powerpoint file I've also saved it as a PDF: PDF of Friday's questions

Solutions for Thursdays graphing Homework and Questions from the Powerpoint file above
*Note: We used a different angle for Thursday's graphing HW in each class so the angle used in the solutions may be different than yours. The graphs will look the same. The calculations are the same but your numbers will be different if you had a different angle.

Answers for Projectile Problems WS

* Please note changes to my after school availability *

Extra Help:** I usually get to room B109 by around 7AM. Since robotics is starting up again I will no longer be available on Thursdays after school. I can provide help right after school in B109 on most other days. If you just have quick question feel free to drop by right after school. If you make an appointment I will plan on being around for longer. Between 3:00 and 3:30 I will go to room C106 (the CAD lab) for robotics if no one has made an appointment. If you have any questions after that time feel free to
find me there.

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Second Hour
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Fourth Hour

Tentative schedule for the start of January

Schedule 1/6 to 1/17/2014

Thurs 12/19: Study Materials for tomorrow's test

Solutions for free fall book problems, SLM worksheet, and problems assigned in class today

Displacement problem (you should look at this -- its similar to the one we did in class)


First quiz will be Friday 12/13.
Straight Line Motion Test will be Friday 12/20.